We work with our clients to incorporate and form domestic and international corporations, liability companies and partnerships for U.S. entities as well as for non-U.S. entities that are establishing operations in the U.S.  We offer a fixed-fee Venture Incorporation (VIP) Package, customized for your specific needs, which includes:

  • Choice of entity and location

  • Incorporation and formation documents

  • Employer ID number

  • Founders stock and section 83(b) Elections

  • Invention Assignment Agreements

  • Nondisclosure Agreements

  • Employee offer letters and Consulting Agreements


Vinit Modi

Product Management & Stratedy


Robert is a great Resource for any startup! He has in-depth expertise in corporate

structure, deal-flow structure, and the starup landscape. He listens, understands, 

empathizes and provides sound guidance on the best path ahead. He willl help both

build the company and provide great mentorship to any startup!


August 20, 2014, Vinit was Robert's client