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Having worked with hundreds of startups in Silicon Valley and around the world, we know what, when and where entrepreneurs need to start their ventures. We offer cost-effective, flat-fee startup services, including our fixed-fee Venture Incorporation (VIP) Packages, which provide your team with the necessary legal framework to get your venture off the ground without breaking your bank account or sand bagging your balance sheet.


 If your team consists of more than one founder, you need help from an experienced lawyer. Founders should consider capitalization strategies, vesting, employment terms and many other legal issues before making missteps or missing important steps in the process. We help founders avoid the many legal pitfalls that await early stage ventures and do things right from a legal perspective the first time. 

Established Companies 

 We offer our established clients personal strategic and general counsel services as well as targeted advice with respect to employment, capitalization management, corporate governance, commercial transactions, commercial real estate, debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and international transactions.

Investors and Acquirers

Having worked on both sides of the table in many transactions, we cost-effectively represent investors and acquirors in financing, acquisition, spin-off and reorganization transactions. Using automated tools to manage diligence and prioritizing key issues, we minimize the cost and friction of transactions while protecting the interests of our clients. 

Non-US Companies

Many of our clients come to us from outside the United States, whether they are entering the US for the first time and need a US corporate subsidiary or are looking for sophisticated local representation for mergers, acquisitions or commercial transactions.  


Our goal is to serve your needs to the best of our abilities. To do so, we listen, observe and draw upon many years of problem-solving and creative resolution to tailor solutions to your particular situation. 

Efficiency Through Expertise

We rely upon our expertise rather than cookie cutter solutions to get you where you need to be at an appropriate cost.  

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