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We are a boutique business law firm offering corporate and transactional representation for high growth entreprises, from startups to established companies as well as entrepreneurs, investors and acquirors in Silicon Valley and worldwide.

Our firm represents companies operating in high-growth markets & industries, including the following: 

  • Internet, media and advertising 

  • Enterprise software and technology solutions 

  • Cloud services, networking and data security 

  • Mobile apps, games, communications and electronics

  • Semiconductors, materials and alternative energy solutions

  • Biotechnology, life sciences and medical devices 

  • Financial services and electronic commerce 

  • Small and medium enterprise solutions 

  • Specialty foods and beverages

  • Health and fitness

  • Professional services 

  • Nonprofit organizations

We work with our clients to incorporate and form domestic and international corporations, and limited liability companies for U.S. entities as well as for non-U.S. entities that are establishing operations in the U.S.  We offer a fixed-fee Venture Incorporation (VIP) Package, customized for your specific needs.

We have represented clients in hundreds of venture capital and private equity financing transactions in Silicon Valley and around the world. We also advise and represent venture capital and private equity firms and private investors in connection with their investments.

We help clients develop and negotiate technology and intellectual property contracts that are core to their businesses.

We aggressively and efficiently represent clients in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs and reorganization transactions, which have aggregated several billions of dollars in value. 

We work with clients to implement equity plans and arrangements to incentivize employees, officers, directors, and contractors. These plans range from industry standard stock option plans for venture-backed corporations to specialized profits interests arrangements for limited liability companies.

Our firm is distinguished by the level of international work that we do.   We work with US clients to negotiate transactions with international business partners and to structure intellectual property holding companies.  We help clients headquartered outside the US to establish presences in the US and, with other service providers in our network, to form offshore structures that will be suitable for venture capital investment.

We act as outside general counsel to most of our clients. Drawing on more than twenty-five years of experience representing hundreds of technology companies in Silicon Valley and around the world we help clients plan to avoid legal issues and aim for pragmatic business-oriented solutions to legal issues when they arise. At the same time, having advised clients through many threats, claims, regulatory and criminal actions, insolvency proceedings and bet-the-company litigations, we recognize the need, and the power of recourse to the courts and legal remedies when needed.

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