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Our firm is distinguished by the level of international work that we do.   We work with US clients to negotiate transactions with international business partners and to structure intellectual property holding companies.  We help clients headquartered outside the US to establish presences in the US and, with other service providers in our network, to form offshore structures that will be suitable for venture capital investment.  Representative services and transactions include the following:

  • Establishment of US operations

  • Joint ventures

  • Structuring offshore venture capital holding companies

  • Cross-border transactions

  • Cross-border combination of venture-backed social media services companies

  • International venture financing involving the restructuring and combination of several international communications companies as pre-requisite to funding

  • Dual-path public offering and private auction leading to sale of online media company to multinational media conglomerate

  • "Merger of equals" transaction involving restructuring of constituent venture-backed online services companies, financing and rights offering of employee incentives

  • Formation of alternative energy services company and development of strategies for financing, for offering energy, construction and related services and for participating in global energy markets

  • Development of bidding process and purchase transaction for technology required by large energy services company

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