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We efficiently and aggressively represent clients in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs and reorganization transactions, which have aggregated several billions of dollars in value.  Representative transactions include:

  • Acqui-hires of companies and teams in video game, search and analytics markets

  • Combination of medical technology services corporation and limited liability company

  • Merger combining venture capital structures of corporations in online travel market

  • Spin-off of analytics products company from large services organization

  • Sale of online services company to international media company

  • Sale of content delivery network company to international internet services company

  • Sale of networking technology and services company to international telecom market leader

  • Sale of ecryption technology company to international network security enterprise

  • Sale of private Internet communications and media company operating globally to major international communications equipment and services provider

  • Acquisition of professional services company

  • Sale of wireless communications company to international electronics company

  • Development of auction process and sale transaction for sale of dairy & food services company

  • Acquisition of patents and related expertise to support collaboration between public life science company and multinational chemical company

  • Development of affiliation strategy and acquisitions of affiliates to support growth objectives of online media company

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