SAFE KISS? What's the deal?

SAFEs and KISSes are both alternatives to traditional convertible notes. SAFEs convert into equity at the next round of funding but are not debt. KISSes can be equity or debt but are streamlined. See the forms here: SAFE KISS and nice comparison of various alternatives here. #SAFE #KISS #ConvertibleNote #AngelFinancing

Learn how to avoid pitfalls in your company's launch

Do you have a company that you are ready to launch? An invention or brilliant idea for a product or service that you want to take to market? This handy guide will walk you through some of the most common pitfalls that startups encounter and teach you how to avoid them. This is a must read for entreprenuers. Click here to subscribe to our downloadable resources. #startupsbusinessformation #taxissues #corporatestructure #foundersstock #vesting

Why startups should consider issuing restricted stock rather than options.

Early on, before the company’s valuation is too high, startups can give their employees a significant benefit by offering restricted stock rather than options. Restricted stock is stock received 100% on day one that is subject to repurchase by the company. The company’s right to repurchase the stock lapses over time according to a vesting schedule – called reverse vesting. The individual gets to start a capital gains holding period for the stock and the company keeps the incentive of vesting. The company also avoids the expense of a 409A valuation, which is required if the company wants to issue options. Click here to access our downloadable resources. #restrictedstock #corporatefinance

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